Sometimes I like to pick up a camera, embrace the moment, then push the trigger, Gotta love the ocean.


Rich’s work captivates me in a way no other photographers work ever has: it transports me to a place devoid of familiarity and time, making me reimagine everything I know and love about the ocean. The mystery he captures of the sea and his South Australian home is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and for that I find myself truly in love with his art.

Morgan Maasson - The Master of photography & film making

“@sa_rips….sick photos. Love your work! kelly”

Kelly Slater - Surfer - 11 Time World Champion

Rich’s work has a strange effect on me in that I find it beautiful and poetic, but also frightening and humbling at the same time. For every picture I love that is of a beautiful peak expressing its rare perfection, theres another shot of a moment that I would dread to be near.

Brandon Boyd - Lead Vocalist of the rock band Incubus

Printing Process

Atkins Lab in Adelaide prints my work, and I have been working with David from Atkins to fine-tune the pictures so they will look great on the wall. David uses pigment ink on archival resin coated papers. Currently I am offering a traditional photo lustre paper, which has a slight shine to it with an intense colour range. Also available is the metallic pearl paper which has a high gloss surface, and a deep reflectance due to the paper having a metallic base which makes the work sing.

Atkins can also frame these prints so there can be a choice of frame colour as well as paper type. They are all sent to your door via trackable Australia Post eParcel from Adelaide.